Daycare Insurance

There’s nothing more important than taking care of children……. with the possible exception of taking care of the people who take care of children. Special insurance coverage designed just for daycare businesses, by insurance companies that design products just for them, are important to consider. Not just any policy will do.

Who needs specialized coverage?

  • In-home centers (family type care facilities)
  • Group and commercial centers
  • Head start programs
  • Latchkey operations
  • Before and after school programs
  • Summer daycare programs

What are the reasons to consider a comprehensive daycare program?

  • Claims representatives are trained to handle childcare related losses.
  • Offer loss preventions services designed specifically for the needs of the childcare industry.
  • Caring for others children is serious business and you should protect yourself from potential claims if a child is injured.
  • Legal defense coverage could mean the difference between protecting or losing your personal assets.
  • In-home daycares may not be covered or have limitations under the homeowners insurance policy.

Why We Are Different

Your business is unique and deserves the unique coverage associated with childcare.

We represent companies that have daycare products designed to give you choices for your coverage exposures you want to help protect.

Check with us today and see what your options are.