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Business Owners Policy (BOP) in Holton, KS & Topeka, KS

Combined Coverage for Special Advantages.

At Kellerman Insurance, we’re committed to providing insurance that help keep small to medium-sized businesses protected. That’s why we combine various coverage options into one convenient package – for more benefits than a typical Business policy and better savings through competitive pricing.

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) from Kellerman Insurance combines Property, Commercial General Liability, and Crime Insurance, as well as additional coverage types based on your needs.

A Business Owners Policy can help protect your day-to-day operations with options such as:

  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Premises Liability
  • Premises Medical
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Business Income Insurance
  • Building and Personal Property Protection
  • On-Site Equipment Insurance
  • Coverage for Inventory Loss
  • Crime Insurance

Find Out if Your Business is Eligible

Since Business Owners Policies apply only to special types of businesses with specific needs, operations, and risks, it’s important to contact a specialist at Kellerman Insurance who can help you determine whether a BOP is right for your small or medium-sized business.