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Kellerman Insurance is participating in an All-Vehicle Protection Plan and Home Protection Plan program to drastically reduce, and in many cases completely eliminate, home and vehicle insurance deductibles if you file a claim! These are the first programs of their kind, to offer reimbursement of your deductible, when you file a claim.

Inflation has impacted every portion of our economy and lives, including insurance. All insurance carriers are increasing coverages on the values of homes, outbuildings, and equipment due to the rising cost of construction costs and a significant increase in weather-related disasters. These increases are very important to help customers avoid being underinsured at the time of a loss. Some carriers have started increasing the minimum deductibles at renewals as well. Weather, used car pricing, severity of accidents, labor costs, rising part costs all factor into auto premium increases that some insurance carriers are taking. We look at the big picture when doing a review to determine whether to remarket your policy or not. A remarket could mean that a home inspection may be required, loyalty discounts may fall off, and insurance companies may have unfavorable rates if they constantly see the policy is remarketed. The All-Vehicle and the Home Protection Plans are a great way to help with some of these changes we’re currently seeing in the insurance industry.

The All-Vehicle Protection Plan will reimburse you an unlimited number of times, up to $1000 per claim, anytime you pay your deductible on just about anything you own & insure (other than your house). This includes your car, boat, camper or RV, motorcycle, side by side, etc. The Plan will also reimburse you up to $500 per claim, to a max of $1000 per year for any mechanical repairs to the same items. This is not for routine maintenance, like oil changes and tire rotations, but it does work for the majority of things you bring your “vehicle” to a mechanic for. There are also ID theft benefits, a warranty vault and emergency travel benefits.

The Home Protection Plan will reimburse you one-time per year for your deductible, up to $2500, when you have a claim on your Primary Residence. The plan will also reimburse you 50% of your cost of a repair (up to $500 per claim, to a max of $1000 per year) when you have a repair person come to your home to repair any appliance or electronics item inside your home or attached garage. For example, you have a leaky dishwasher, or an ice maker that doesn’t work and someone comes into your home to fix it. There are also reimbursement benefits for glass breakage, home lockout and emergency lodging.

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