Fidelity and Surety Bonds

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Surety and Fidelity bonds are an important part of doing business for many companies, and they can be a critical component of a strong risk management strategy as well.
There are several types of situations that require bonds. Let’s take a look.

Surety Bonds:

Surety bonds help ensure performance of an obligation and compliance with given requirements.

  • Non-Construction Performance Surety Bonds help ensure fulfillment of contract obligations
  • License and Permit Bonds help meet government-mandated requirements
  • Probate and Judicial Bonds for fiduciaries and civil court proceedings
  • Public Official Bonds for elected officials, treasurers of organizations and notaries

Fidelity Bonds:

Fidelity Bonds help safeguard business assets from fraud and theft.

  • ERISA Fidelity Bonds help meet federal statutory compliance obligations of an employer for retirement plan assets
  • Crime coverage for losses resulting from employee theft on client premises, forgery, robbery and safe burglary
  • Business Service Bonds help protect against loss from employee theft while performing services for others

WHO NEEDS Fidelity and Surety Bonds?

All types of businesses that deal with public funds, employees that handle money for the employer and employers that send employees into the workforce and have access to customers premises.

Why we are different?

While a lot of bonds are very similar they can seem very daunting to understand.

As an independent insurance agency, we represent multiple bond markets, helping us to find the right fit for your needs. Not all insurance agencies offer bonds.

Let us help you thru the application process and understand what type of bonds you may need.