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Farm Umbrella Insurance in Holton, KS & Topeka, KS

Extra Security to Protect your Hard Work

Kellerman Insurance provides umbrella insurance policies to farms, ranches, and agribusiness operations facilities in Holton, Topeka, Hoyt, Mayetta, Circleville, Wetmore, and surrounding areas.

Farm Umbrella Insurance

Kellerman Insurance knows that your farm is your business. And like any business owner, you’re faced with a certain amount of risk and uncertainty in your day-to-day operations. If an accident happens, in most cases, your standard farm owners insurance liability should help take care of you. But when serious situations arise, you may need more coverage.

Chances are your basic policy liability limits are not enough to cover every potential accident - including serious accidents that come with serious expenses. A Farm Umbrella policy from Kellerman Insurance picks up where your other liability coverage stops. It can be an affordable way to provide an extra layer of protection against claims of bodily injury and property damage in scenarios such as:

  • An accident on your farm that leaves multiple workers in need of costly medical attention
  • If a farm animal escapes and causes an accident or serious damage to another person or their property
  • If someone sues you for damages resulting from an illness from your products

At Kellerman Insurance, our team is dedicated to helping keep your farm up and running, even after an accident. With umbrella coverage you will have the higher limits you may need.