Cindy Hower

Cindy Hower

Commercial Lines Advisor

Entering the family insurance and real estate business with my dad in 1981 was an opportunity I am very grateful for.  After 41 years in the business, I am working towards retirement and sold the insurance agency to longtime employees Kristy Wilson (31 yrs) and her husband Rob (17 yrs).  I am so excited that our “family” business will continue under their capable hands.

Agency life for me today has changed from the leadership role to servicing accounts that I have worked with for years and helping with the transition. I am still working most days but am enjoying the flexibility to have time with family and friends as needed.

We still own Kellerman Real Estate and I continue to serve as the broker and manage internal compliance.

I enjoy bicycling with friends and family, the Chiefs, K-State and Holton Wildcat sporting events!